The idea

Published 18.12.09
The whole of France is getting together to offer all the fencers and spectators around the world a great fencing celebration in Paris 2010, inspired by :


  • The brilliance of Paris, City of Lights, shining throughout the world.

    • The brilliance of the Grand Palais, lending its fame and magnificence to this unique sporting occasion

    • The brilliance of the blades, precise, determined, shining, magnified in this unique setting







    Paris has the immense honour of welcoming the whole of the International fencing community, wheelchair and able-bodied
    120 000 licensed members the French Fencing Federation’s growth objective for 2013
    13 500 m² the surface area covered by the Grand Palais’s glass dome, which will host the world’s finest fencers
    5 000 spectators per day, will attend the final stages of the Championships
    900 tireurs the number of competitors, from 100 countries, taking part in the World Championships in Paris in 2010
    600 volunteers attracted by this event, will be on hand to help out whenever necessary
    42 arbitres chosen by the FIE, to help the competition run smoothly
    10 jours of sporting events and celebrations in Paris, from Thursday 4 to Saturday 13 November 2010
    20 minutes the maximum time it will take for participants to get from their place of residency to the competition
    2 fédérations
    working side by side, the French Fencing Federation and the French Federation for Disability Sport

    Great celebration of international fencing in Paris, 2010!






    World Championships in CLERMONT FERRAND
    1990 World Championships in LYON
    2001 World Championships in NÎMES
    july 07 Reservation of the Grand Palais
    september 07 Candidature date
    november 07 Attributed the World Championships
    30 january 10 Opening of the members ticket office
    april 10 Opening of the general public ticket office